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“I just wanted to tell you how much your class, The Keys to the IRA Kingdom, has done for me. Two days after completing your course I had a client with over $2.5 Million in an IRA walk into my office. It was set up in a trust. Right away I had the documentation from your class to show how this was not set up properly for distribution to their children and grandchildren as they wanted. I closed the case. As a $20 Million producer I recommend every producer out there , that wants to take their production to the next level by helping their clients position their IRAs properly should attend this course.”
Mitchell S.

“I attended your IRA Training on December 10th & 11th, 2007. It was simply OUTSTANDING! Your use of Publication 590 to "prove what you say" is so strong that I can't imagine any other approach being nearly so convicing. You gave us such an in-depth (yet easy to understand) presentation that I am definitely going to put a heavy emphasis on IRA Distribution Planning for my 2008 business plan. I have been doing Sr. seminars regularly for the past 5 years and I produced over $8 Million in Equity Indexed Annuity premium for 2007. With your approach, I feel I can do well over $10 - $15 Million for 2008... Pretty Exciting! Thanks!!”
Dennis K.

"WOW - 21 years in the business and I received more valuable information to make sales with David's workshop, Keys to the IRA Kingdom, in 8 hours."
Janet P.

"David is a powerful, teacher and motivator. He combines crisp articulate concepts that contain complexity with simplified methodology for understanding."
J. Gates

"If anyone plans to work in financial services at any level, they need this course and the knowledge they will gain from it."
E. Guanill

"The opportunity is too great to ignore. If you are going to be in the business-this education is a must!"
R. Griess

"The best learning and motivational experiences that I have had in my 35 year career in the financial service business."
H. Crissey CLU, Chfc

"If you are working with retirees, you must attend this workshop."
D. O'Connell

"So much information that can be used right away."
B. Jones

"David brought all the pieces together to make a compelling presentation."
L. Simpson

"David Royer provides practical explanation to complex rules and shows how there are sales and marketing opportunities."
K. Youngren

"Extraordinary, high-impact training to increase my IRA knowledge and my bottom line."

“I have been a Retirement Planner for 43 years. Learned more in 2 days than in all of that time about how to help my clients.”
R. Woods

"David has empowered me to help my clients pass-on their values."

"The best seminar in 20 years in the financial services."
E. Diaz

"The Training received has established me as an expert in the IRA Distribution Market and will double or triple my production."

"Insightful, entertaining information you absolutely need to know to save your clients from financial disaster."

"Excellent presentation perfectly organized. Dave's presentation was beyond high expectations."
J. Goldstrom

"This material is worth thousands!"

"I have only been in the business for seven months and I found this class to be very informative."
R. Jones

"I came to the course looking for something to boost my production from $6 million to over $10 million. I found it. Thanks!"

"One of best program I have been to in 48 years in this Business."
R. Lovett Sr.

"This is the course I needed to parlay my practice to the next level."

"This is one of the best courses I have ever attended."

"This was my second time through and I learned more this time than I did the last."
K. Hazelbaker

"This was fabulous information. Thank You!"
Beverly S.

"Much better than I could have hoped for."

"Absolutely necessary information to grow your business and be bullet proof in front of the brokers."
M. Egbert

"This is the best sales tool my company has brought to me. Thanks for bringing this training to me."

"I have been in the business for 30 years. This is the best day ever!
I wish I had seen this 5 years earlier."


"This training was great and should make me a $10 million per year producer."
T. Helbig

"I have been licensed for ten years and have never experienced such a conscious, energetic presentation on IRAs. I now have the confidence to identify the best solution for my clients."

"I have attended other IRA courses from the best, but David put it all together in a simple way to explain it to clients."

"If you want info on IRA Distribution, Dave is the man."
R. Brandt

"I wrote $3 million in less than 90 days using some of the simple techniques from this course."

"I have been licensed for ten years and have never experienced such a conscious & energetic presentation on IRA's. I now have the confidence to identify the best solution for my clients."
L. Jones

"David is very passionate about delivering his message. He is very strong in his conviction about helping clients pass on their legacy. Well worth the time and money to attend!"

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