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About David F. Royer

David F. Royer - Your IRA's Personal TrainerDavid F. Royer entered the financial services industry in 1969 after completing his military obligation. He began studying the growing  IRA Distribution market in 2002 and today he is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer in qualified plan distribution. He has trained thousands of financial advisors in the discipline of qualified retirement plan accumulation and distribution. David's many articles on qualified plan distribution have been published in leading national financial periodicals. He is also the author of "The Top 10 IRA Mistakes and How to Avoid IRS Tax Traps"

Today he is focused on helping those who are retired or planning for retirement, to take advantage of the new tax rules approved in 2002 and beyond. These new rules can turn a modest IRA account into a life time of income that can span three generations. Their loved ones (children and grandchildren) will remember their sacrifices and successes for the rest of their lives.

In 2004 David developed the ultimate IRA distribution training course "The Keys to the IRA Kingdom"®, that he teaches nationally. He educates financial advisors in the art of helping their clients get the most out of their IRAs, 401(k)plans and other qualified retirement accounts. David teaches a simple lesson: "The IRS has given a great gift to IRA owners and their beneficiaries. "They just need a little help to unwrap it!"

David F. Royer is Your IRA Personal Trainer™


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